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Precious Peonies

Peonies are precious flowers to me. I was in the process of buying my house, when I noticed a beautiful pink Peony bush in the front garden. I was really excited by the discovery because I had never had my own garden and I had never owned a Peony bush before. So, after a few months, just before I went to settlement on the purchase of my house, I noticed that the Peony bush had disappeared.

I became upset because I thought that someone had purposely dug it up that beautiful bush. So, when we were in the middle of the settlement on the house, I asked to be reimbursed, from the seller, for the cost of buying another pink Peony bush. I received $35.

After moving into the house at the end of October, I did not do any gardening until the spring. To my delight, the previous tenant of the house was an amazing gardener. Purple crocuses appeared first. Then, Hyacinths, Tulips, and Daffodils, popped up over the next weeks. Irises, Lilies, and Roses were next to be seen. Then, lo and behold, the Peony bush reappeared! I was gobsmacked, delighted, and totally embarrassed! I had gotten the previous owner to pay me for a bush that was only gone, because it was finished with it's blooming phase!

It was because of that experience, I learned how precious the Peony flower was to me. It grows in my yard between May and June. The flowers are breathtakingly beautiful with a heady sweet scent that I never get tired of experiencing. The Peonies only last two or three weeks in my garden. If we have a big storm, the fragile blooms haven't got a chance. When that happens, I have to run outside and cut the blooms quickly, so I can save them for a vase.

This week, I am making our organic, Peony Soaps at Fresh and Bubbly in anticipation of the approaching Valentine's Day celebration. Why not put together a gift box of our Peony Soaps for your special Valentine, this year? Or combine our Peony Soaps with our Rose Soaps and Heart Soaps? Email me at, if you desire a particular color of a rose or heart that you don't see on our menu. I will do my best to honor special requests. 🩷


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