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Meet the Soap Artist


Sherri is a graduate of the Corcoran School of Art, Washington, D.C. She has a BFA degree in Fine Art with an emphasis on sculpture and painting. 


During the 2020 Pandemic lockdown, Sherri discovered that she loved making soaps. Her passion for soap making was so strong that she created her own soap company named, "Fresh and Bubbly." 


Sherri makes her soaps in small batches. Each batch of soap is inspired by something in the artist’s memories, dreams, and her life. Each soap is unique.


She loves to bake, so many of her soaps are of desserts. At the early age of 8 years old, encouraged by her mother, she was put in charge of making the family’s desserts. 


Sherri loves painting, so you may notice a painterly approach to making her soap. Also, a huge fan of anything sparkly, pearly, or jewel related, she likes to embellish her soaps, as well.


So that Sherri can keep her soaps as fresh and bubbly as possible, she may change the availability of certain soaps. As an artist, she needs variety to spice up her creativity. 


She makes her soap using the best organic and plant based ingredients that she can source. Purity and quality of her ingredients are very important to her. Sherri's soaps are made to evoke joy and comfort for all.

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