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Holiday Soap Inspiration

This morning, I woke up excited to make new holiday soaps! This is my favorite time of the year to make soaps because I know that many of my soaps will become gifts for my customers’ family and friends. I feel joyful knowing that my soaps will be part of their holiday celebrations.

So, with that knowledge, my brain begins the process of designing beautiful soaps. Often, I garner inspiration from paintings and photos of snowy scenes, seasonal desserts, and glass decorations.

I’m thinking of how I can take what I see and reimagine the images into representations made from soap. Each soap is thought about most carefully. I plan the color, the scent, the size, the shape, and everything that’s in my head at the time. When, I am satisfied that I know where I’m going with the design, then the fun really begins.

I mix all the ingredients of my soap together and pour the concoction into my selected mold. After a few hours, of titillating suspenseful waiting, I release my new holiday soap!

Here is my latest soap! Holiday Donut Soap!


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