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Queen Camilla Coronation Guest Soap Cake

Queen Camilla Coronation Guest Soap Cake


Organic glycerin soap base, plant based fragrances of lemon, orange blossom, rose, raspberry, and sweet pea, pigmented mica, 24 Karat gold flaked soap crown. Pre sliced into 8 individual quest soaps. The camillia flower on top is an unscented soap with a crown on top. Due to the delicate aspect of the flower and crown, it is wrapped seperately from the cake itself. When unwrapped, simply put on top of the cake as shown.

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  • Information

    Returns are not accepted, however, if you are unhappy with your purchase, please email

  • Important Safety Information

    If pregnant, please consult with your doctor before using this soap. It is made with essential oils and plant based fragrance oils.

    If an skin irritation happens, please discontinue use of the soap. Please notify us at

    Please do not eat the soap. Not even the edible gold flakes in and on the soaps. Some of our soaps look "good enough to eat". Truthfully, they are not.

    Please keep our soaps out of reach of young children.

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